The cloud adoption phase for many companies is complete or nearly complete.

Just nine years ago when Office 365 first came out, many businesses weren’t sure about moving to a cloud-based software model. But now, the average small business has approximately 40-79 cloud apps they use regularly in their workflow.

Using cloud solutions has had many benefits when it comes to day-to-day IT support for a business. It’s less expensive to get started than purchasing software and is continually updated. It’s also accessible from any location, which has been a major requirement of keeping your business operating during the pandemic stay-at-home orders.

If you’re using cloud software, do you still need to work with an IT support partner?

The short answer is, Yes!

There are several reasons that having a relationship with an IT provider and an IT managed services plan is just as important as it ever has been to ensure your Tucson business can operate effectively.

You Still Need Hardware Operating Efficiently

The software that your business uses is just one part of your entire IT infrastructure. You still need to have devices to access that software. And whether those devices are computers, tablets, or smartphones, they need to be maintained properly to ensure employees stay productive.

Managed IT services from ECN IT Solutions include important device protections, such as:

  • Unlimited maintenance
  • Device monitoring for any problems
  • Managed OS and software updates
  • Standard backups

Mitigate Cloud Waste

Using a cloud software isn’t a “silver bullet” for any software problems you might have. Companies are increasingly having problems with cloud waste and paying much more than they need to for apps that don’t integrate well with each other.

The Blissfully Report on 2020 SaaS trends found that cloud spend waste nearly doubled year over year. Duplicate app subscriptions increased 80% last year and orphaned app subscriptions were up by 100%.

The problem is that companies don’t have a determined cloud strategy. There are employees using apps without their knowledge (known as shadow IT) and app churn, where they try an app for a few months, then a shiny new one comes out and they switch over without really having a plan.

An IT provider can help you put a cohesive cloud strategy in place through platforms such as Microsoft 365. This includes using integrated applications that automate data processes and remove the chance you’ll be paying for two subscriptions that can do the same thing.

Cybersecurity Remains a Major Business Concern

Using cloud software instead of on-premises software doesn’t protect you from data breaches or malware infections. Over the past 18 months, nearly 80% of surveyed organizations have had cloud security breaches.

Remote workers have also complicated the cybersecurity landscape, with protections needing to be put in place for teams that are working offsite and may be on an unsecure Wi-Fi.

It’s important to have an IT provider that can put protections in place like basic security best practices, remote worker protections, and continuous monitoring of any potential threats.

One other important area where an IT provider can improve security is through proper configuration of cloud security settings. Many data beaches occur because users don’t understand how to configure cloud security and leave their accounts vulnerable.

Customizing Your Cloud Use

When you subscribe to a cloud platform and use it “out of the box” you could be missing a big portion of the overall value because you’re not customizing the platform to optimize your workflows.

Customizations of your cloud tools simply mean utilizing all the app’s capabilities to fit your needs, such as putting in automated workflows or document security that saves your team time and removes costly manual processes.

An IT professional knows cloud platforms well and can quickly add customizations that significantly improve productivity and utilize app features that are already included in your subscription.

Technical Support

If users are left to struggle with IT or software issues on their own, it can mean hours of lost productivity each week.

Working with an IT professional ensures that your team has the tech support they need when they have a problem. You also have someone who has your back and can come in for a quick rescue should a major issue occur.

We offer unlimited helpdesk support as well as many other support services, including security training and monitoring, compliance monitoring, and both remote and onsite service.

Keep Your Business Running Efficiently With ECN IT Solutions

From on-premises equipment to your cloud accounts, having a partner that can ensure everything is secure and running smoothly can make all the difference. Don’t leave your company at risk!

We’re here and ready to customize, optimize, and secure your technology infrastructure! Reach out at 520-355-7553 or through our website.