What Are the Advantages of Switching to Passwordless Logins?

Password logins have been the common method for ensuring account or system security. However, they have never been the easiest nor the safest. Since the need for complex passwords arose, it became increasingly difficult to remember the combinations. According to research by Dashlane, 37 forgotten-password emails are sent to an average internet user yearly.

One bad habit that users often adopt is to reuse the same password for multiple accounts. 65% of people admit to reusing passwords across several websites.

Once an account is breached, the hacker often gets a free pass to other accounts using the same password. Some users even use a single password for all their accounts, making it even easier for hackers to take over. To limit cyberattacks and improve user experience, it is time to switch to Passwordless Logins.

What are Passwordless Logins

Passwordless Logins are simply authentication systems that require no passwords. It is a security practice of authorizing users’ access to a corporate network without requesting complex passwords or mandating responses to security questions.

Passwordless authentication identifies users with numerical data from their unique features. A company using this strategy will have its employees log into its systems with fingerprints or tokens.

What Do Passwordless Logins Use for Authentication?

  • Biometrics

People have features that distinctively tell them apart. This includes voice, iris, fingerprints, and facial features, all of which can be used for passwordless authentication. An employee can be granted easy access to the company’s systems using physical traits and not passwords. There’s almost no chance that the features will clash with another’s, which ascertains its effectiveness in preventing unauthorized access.

  • OTP

Passwordless Logins can use One-time Passcode to verify the identity of the user requesting access.

It works by sending a code to their phones through SMS or email and then asking them to send it back correctly. This process is repeated whenever a user needs to log in to ensure malicious actors haven’t hijacked the account.

  • Push Notifications

This method limits unauthorized access by sending push notifications to the user’s mobile device. It employs authenticator applications for this purpose and requires users to confirm their identity by tapping the notification.

  • Magic Links

Magic link is another way to verify a user’s identity without the need for them to memorize complex and multiple passwords. This authentication process works by requesting the person’s email and sending them a link. The link will be used to log in and repeated with each access request.

Advantages of Switching to Passwordless Logins

An Improved User Experience

Password logins usually need people to memorize complex character combinations that they often find hard to remember. Forgetting the whole combination or a single letter or symbol will stop users from getting access. Most people struggle to remember or go through the process of resetting and end up feeling inconvenienced.

If a company switches to passwordless logins, its employees will have a better experience with the authenticating system since it requires something they always possess. Other internet users who need access to their online services will also be free of the frustration that accompanies forgotten passwords and the need to reset them constantly.

A Boost of the Company’s Cybersecurity

While complex passwords are encouraged to protect users’ accounts from hackers, most people ignore the idea. Employees who embrace it lack adequate knowledge on password management, share their combinations, and thus, become victims of cyber invaders. Their poor password habits are one of the ways workers can destroy your business.

By replacing the authentication system with passwordless logins, your company can be assured that their IT security is strengthened, and their worker’s accounts won’t be a gateway for cybercriminals.

Reduction in the Cost of Password Management

The management practices associated with password logins are costly, time-consuming to enforce, but also essential. Companies are forced to spend a lot of resources on it if their systems and confidential data have to stay secured.

On the flip side, passwordless logins do not house challenging standards needing compliance and thus, prove to be an easier way to keep you safe. The time and funds spent on managing passwords can also be redirected to other IT management services or the success of other business operations.

Secured and Straightforward Sign-Up Procedure

Until recently, people have always seen a complex sign-up process as a way of keeping their accounts safe. It was believed to be expected, but that thought is buried with people’s growing need to get things done ASAP.

A seamless sign-up process can only be achieved with passwordless logins, for its outline is quite simple. Its speed also gives it an upper hand, offering employees fast but secure access to the company’s systems.

Positive Impact on Work Productivity

Whenever an employee forgets a password, a significant part of their work hours is spent resetting them. This occurrence reduces the focus on their business operations and ultimately causes a decrease in the company’s productivity. And this happens many times, for the human mind is not all-retentive.

With passwordless logins, the need to reset forgotten passwords is eliminated, creating enough time to work and progress on other business issues. Accessing the corporate network will also be faster.

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