Businesses and their employees have gone through a pretty big transition over the last year thanks to the pandemic. Many employees had to learn how to work remotely and companies had to learn how to enable them to do it successfully.

Even once the pandemic passes, a majority of companies are keeping remote working in place in some form. 82% of managers expect to have more flexible WFH policies post-pandemic, and 67% of surveyed IT decision makers say they plan to expand remote work policies for the long term or permanently.

This means a shift in how companies connect and empower their teams.

Some of the potential pitfalls of a poor employee experience when it comes to remote teams includes:

  • Employees feeling isolated
  • Difficulties managing burnout
  • Miscommunications between managers and their team
  • A feeling of disconnection between WFH and in-office staff
  • Lower employee engagement
  • Higher turnover

However, all of this can be avoided with the right technology tools and employee management strategy.

The changing work experience is why Microsoft has just released a one-of-a-kind app called Microsoft Viva.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Viva was launched in February 2021 and is a Microsoft Teams add-in that is designed to address multiple areas of employee wellbeing, productivity, and engagement.

It brings things that you may have done offline into an online environment (like training and development) as well as makes knowledge and information accessible in a tool that employees are using daily (MS Teams in Microsoft 365).

Ways that Microsoft Viva can help you grow your business and improve productivity by nurturing your employees:

  • Keep tabs on how many late hours remote employees are putting in (might be a warning sign for burnout).
  • Capture your collective company knowledge, organize it, and serve up those topics as needed.
  • Give employees company news and updates in a social interface they’re familiar with from social media.
  • Improve skills and training by making ongoing staff development easier and including WFH team members natively.

Microsoft Viva has four main areas and apps that improve the employee experience and employer/employee connection.

Viva Learning

Skills that employees learn are an investment in your business and help your company grow along with your team. But formal training programs can be onerous and time-consuming to implement.

Viva Learning is designed to make ongoing training and development simple and fluid. Within Teams, people can discover, share, and assign learning topics from multiple content libraries.

Viva Learning

You can connect the add-in to multiple LMS and other learning resources, like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and more.

Viva Topics

Companies have all types of knowledge resources they create over the years and that are used for new projects. For example, they may have sales tips guides, products manuals, and project specifications.

Everyone doesn’t need one of these resources all the time, but when they do need it, it can be difficult to find. This is especially true if it was created months or years prior.

Viva Topics acts as a virtual librarian for your entire company knowledgebase. It organizes your knowledge topics, autogenerates topic pages, and then when it detects them being mentioned in Teams chats, it can serve up a link, saving tons of time.

Viva Connections

How do you communicate company news to your employees? Is it through word or mouth or email? Today’s workforce is used to interacting and getting information from social media platforms, and Viva Connections allows you to create a company-branded social experience for your team.

This personalized portal serves up relevant news, company updates, resources, and other information that enables your team to be more productive as well as feel connected no matter where they’re working from.

Companies with highly engaged employees, see 21% greater profitability.

Viva Insights

Burned out and overworked employees aren’t good for a company. If managers aren’t on top of employee wellbeing and work-life balance, it can lead to lower productivity, mistakes, and high turnover.

Viva Insights is like a personal HR person checking in with employees to ensure they remember to do things like take regular breaks. It also has a component that makes it easier for managers to have visibility into employee wellbeing as a whole.

Viva Insights

  • Personal insights: Makes actional recommendations for focused work, work/life balance, and ongoing development.
  • Manager insights: Can help managers be aware of general meeting overload, after-hours work, and too little focus time.
  • Leader insights: Provides tips on opportunities to improve wellbeing and engagement for employees.

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