You’re A Sitting Duck For Hackers If You Are Still Using One Of These Old Technology Tools

The constant notifications popping up. The incessant pauses. The unending periods of downtime and repairs. We’ve all had our fair share of these frustrating experiences associated with using old tools.

But these annoyances are just the tip of the iceberg when using outdated technology tools. There is another much more significant problem.

Old technology tools are susceptible to various cyber threats and risks. These tools can ruin your organization’s reputation and bring about financial losses. Hackers are waiting to identify lapses in your technical services and take advantage of them.

Many businesses do not invest enough in cybersecurity. They may also be behind in upgrading their IT infrastructure. This is a big problem considering that many older technologies are often beyond the developer’s support window, meaning they no longer receive security patches and updates.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some old technology tools that make you vulnerable to hackers’ attacks.

Fax machines

While faxes have largely been replaced in many offices, some older versions are still being used and connected to analog phone lines. This is not security-wise. These older devices are often beyond manufacturer support and no longer receive firmware updates to patch newly found vulnerabilities.

When you fail to secure the fax machine, it becomes an easy target for cybercriminals eager to lay their hands on corporate data. Any hacker who penetrates these devices can often use them to get into your other network endpoints.

Internet Explorer

As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft said goodbye to Internet Explorer forever. The browser that used to rule the internet. Many people assumed it would be around forever. But in the last 15 years, it has been replaced by Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s new browser, Edge.

If you’re still running IE, it’s time to upgrade now because it’s no longer receiving security patches or support from Microsoft. If you use any legacy sites that use IE, Edge has an “IE Mode” that can be used to display those sites properly.

Windows 7

People can be funny about their operating systems. They become attached to them and don’t want to upgrade, even if more versions have come out and they are far behind the upgrade timeline. Support for Windows 7 came to an end back in January of 2020, yet about 13% of the population was still using this OS as of May 2022.

Windows 7 is on the hacker radar as a prime target because it now has multiple unpatched vulnerabilities that will never be addressed. If any of your older work desktops still have this OS installed, they need to be upgraded or replaced and taken out of service.

Adobe Flash Player

When 2020 ended, so did Adobe’s support of its popular Flash Player. Adobe Flash had its heyday powering animations, internet games, and websites. But it had become obsolete and as a result, is no longer supported by Adobe with any security updates.

You should check browsers that are installed on your PCs to ensure that the Adobe Flash Player plugin is not still present.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (CRM)

SharePoint is a popular Microsoft technology that allows for dynamic lists and cloud file sharing. But if you’re still running the 2010 version of SharePoint Server, then your data could be at risk.

This version became obsolete in April of 2021 and no longer receives extended support, which includes those vital security updates.

Sky SR101 and SR 102 router

BBC News reports that old routers are vulnerable and allow hackers to penetrate an organization. After researching different routers, it was discovered that certain routers had not been updated since 2018.

In its analysis, it was discovered that some of these routers did not use strong passwords. Thus, it was effortless for hackers to lay hold on them. The Sky SR 1010 and SR 102 were examples of routers that did not have strong passwords and firmware.

These routers are prone to hackers’ attacks because they do not have security updates. This made them very vulnerable to all kinds of activities. 

Why You Should Properly Dispose of Old Technology Tools

Technology plays an essential role in the activities of many organizations. Its use has brought about immense progress, development, and speed. However, these technological tools can also pose a significant threat to your organization if it is not handled correctly when decommissioned.

Make sure that old devices are being cleaned and wiped thoroughly so your company data cannot be reconstructed should they fall into the wrong hands. Make sure you check with your local municipality on the correct ways to dispose of technology, as it’s not something you can just toss out in the normal garbage collection.

There are many eco-friendly ways to recycle old hardware that can improve sustainability, plus clear out some much-needed space at your office.

ECN IT can help you protect your company’s data by replacing your old technology with modern ones. Need a quick fix? Contact us for a speedy response.