Our Managed Service Plans

ECN Automation

ECN Automation includes the identification, implementation, and ongoing management of automated bots.

ECN Manage

ECN Manage is our core offering. We monitor, manage, and keep healthy everything that plugs into the network.

ECN Helpdesk

When something breaks, you need fast support from expert techs. Our response time is under 10 minutes.

ECN Security

Security that works for your business no matter what. From antivirus to zero-trust, we’ll keep you protected.


ECN will provide Microsoft licensing, as well as audit and report of SaaS applications your business uses.

ECN Helpdesk

Keep your data protected and available at a moment’s notice. Keep working when disaster strikes.


We’ll track all assets for lifecycle, budgeting, audits, and make recommendations for projects and changes.

How Our Onboarding Process Works

Week 1

On week 1, we begin to build your profile in our system, assigning assets, auditing security, and more.

Week 2

You’ll get access to the dashboard. It is not done yet, but your employees can start make tickets and request support.

Week 2.5

By now, we are working hard in the background, changing configurations and documenting what is in use.

Week 4

We’ll have a handle on your environment and what’s going on. We’ll send reports on usage and potential changes.

Week 6

By now, we’ll have written most of the internal policies for your company, and audited and documented the majority of your I.T. Week 6 is generally the completion of onboarding.

Our Taco Guarantee

Try us for three months, and if we don't live up to our promise, we'll give you your money back AND buy your office tacos.

We Do The Computer Thing So You Can Do Your Thing

Need Immediate Help?

If you're having an IT emergency right now and need help ASAP, give us a call at (520) 355-7553 or contact us online and we'll get in touch with you faster than you can believe.