ECN Backup

Backups: Tested and Working

  • Image and File Backup
  • Automated and Manual Restore
  • Testing
  • Live Hot-Spare
  • SaaS Backup
  • Email Backup
  • Local and Cloud Locations
  • Encryption at all Points
  • Aligns with Various Compliance Requirements
  • Unlimited Archive
  • Monitored and Remediated by ECN

Cloud First

Cloud first means we can back up anything from anywhere.

Always Working

ECN Backup is always running to keep your data protected.

Always Encrypted

ECN Backup encrypts your data at multiple points, including before transmission.

What Is It?

ECN Backup is our service to backup data for your business. We can backup data from all kinds of sources, like servers, computers, phones, online applications, emails, and more. Backups are tested regularly to ensure they work. When did you last test yours?

Why Do I Need It?

Good backups should be a necessity in any business. Just because you use cloud apps doesn’t mean they are backed up (read the fine print). Data loss can come from employees, accidents, cybercrime, and more.

ECN Backup Requires

  • ECN Manage

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