ECN Helpdesk

We Fix Your Computer Problems

  • Helpdesk for all covered devices (see ECN Manage)
  • Helpdesk for “How do I do this…” questions
  • Under 10-minute response times
  • SLA available
  • Simple app to submit requests from anywhere
  • Approval workflows
  • Expert techs at the ready
  • Supporting individuals anywhere around the globe
  • Reach out to vendors when necessary (see ECN Vendor Management)

Lightning Fast

We typically respond within 10 minutes and always within 1 hour.

Expert Assistance

ECN’s techs are experts in a variety of software and services. We can help without needing to contact the vendor.

Smooth Sailing

Issues will be solved quickly and without needing escalation. You’ll find employees raving about us and our service.

What Is It?

ECN Helpdesk is the person-to-person support side of I.T. Instead of calling 3 different help desks and waiting on hold, ECN can provide support for covered devices, applications, software, and more.

Why Do I Need It?

ECN Helpdesk ensures your company has access to support when needed. When your employees have an issue, can’t figure something out, or require assistance, ECN is there to help, responding in less than 10 minutes.

ECN Helpdesk Requires

  • ECN Manage

Need More Info?

Get a quote today on the right IT support plan for your company, customized for your needs, based on the number of employees you have and the services you require.

Our Taco Guarantee

Try us for three months, and if we don't live up to our promise, we'll give you your money back AND buy your office tacos.

We Do The Computer Thing So You Can Do Your Thing

Need Immediate Help?

If you're having an IT emergency right now and need help ASAP, give us a call at (520) 355-7553 or contact us online and we'll get in touch with you faster than you can believe.