Manage and Maintain Cloud Apps

  • Microsoft 365 Licensing and Management
  • Management, License Procurement, and Assistance with Other SaaS Applications
  • ECN Helpdesk for SaaS
  • Shadow I.T. Monitoring
  • Training Assistance*
  • Under Utilization and Usage Tracking
  • Process and Efficiency Improvements
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Baseline Security Strategy

(*ECN does not do training, we will work with the vendors to set up relevant training).

Reduce Logins

ECN SaaS can work to simplify the login experience across apps, reducing passwords and improving security.

Manage Usage

SaaS is expensive; we make sure you and your staff are getting the most from it.

Manage Licensing

Licensing expires and renews at the worst times. ECN can manage renewals, counts, and expirations to reduce downtime and wasted money.

What Is It?

ECN SaaS allows us to offer Microsoft 365 Licensing and management, as well as management of other cloud-based systems you may use. Cloud-based systems are often more difficult to manage, and ECN can take the stress out of it.

Why Do I Need It?

Most businesses use an average of 9 pieces of cloud software. Most of the time, these applications have different troubleshooting steps and can cause frustration. ECN can alleviate that while also offering insight into software underutilization and licensing issues.

ECN SaaS Requires

  • ECN Manage
  • ECN Helpdesk

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