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The pricing for our managed service plans is highly dependent on what your company’s exact needs are. Use this pricing calculator for a detailed estimate of what your costs will be.

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Pricing Info

A user is someone who uses a computer for more than 50% of the day for common and essential tasks. Most commonly this will reflect office employees, owners, sales, accounting, etc.
The number of computers and laptops that are to be managed, either owned by the company or personal devices owned by employees.
The number of physical and virtual servers to be managed. Include on premise and cloud.
What level of service does your business require?
Workstation Backups?(Required)
Backups for each workstation.
Server Backups?(Required)
Backups for each physical or virtual server.
Enhanced Security and Ransomware Protect?(Required)
AI powered antivirus, web filtering, etc. for smarter protection. Also, ransomware protection that can detect and cut off ransomware, reducing recovery time by a significant amount.
Vendor Management?(Required)
We will work with other vendors when necessary. Ex. the copier is not working. You contact ECN, and we determine it is a copier problem. We will work with the copier company to solve the problem, and only interrupt you when necessary.
Quarterly reviews of technology, business plans, etc. We help you budget and plan on new technology and how it can help the business.
User Security Testing & Training?(Required)
Random phishing and other user based hack testing and training when holes are found.
Enhanced Email Filtering?(Required)
A second layer of protection on top of standard email filtering that helps prevent security breaches.
Network as a Service?(Required)
New networking equipment for the life of the contract
Office 365?
Includes email, installed apps, etc. Office 365 is priced per mailbox/user license, and will tend to follow the number of users in your org. 90% of the time, “Premium” will be the right license.


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