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The jury is in. Bad I.T. is bad for business.

As the legal world shifts towards remote work and faces increased security challenges and tech changes, ECN IT Solutions brings seasoned experience collaborating with law firms. We understand the unique needs and goals of legal teams, helping them adapt, thrive, and stay ahead in this evolving environment.
We do the computer thing so you can do the law thing.

Straightforward IT Solutions for Legal Teams

ECN provides managed IT solutions, which means we cover everything IT-related (software, hardware, training, support, etc.) for your firm for a fair, all-inclusive monthly price.

For this fixed monthly fee, we proactively monitor and maintain all your systems and resolve issues before they escalate. Our team is always on standby, ready to provide support whenever you need it to eliminate issues like downtime, data loss or security breaches.  

Cybersecurity Solutions

 ECN works with the software you already use (Microsoft 365) as well as other companies to deliver extremely robust I.T. security.

Fast and Professional Support

 ECN has expert techs at the ready to keep I.T. running smoothly. No more excuses for missing a deadline.

Efficiency and Productivity Tools

ECN provides extensive and personal training for the software your firm uses, as well as guidance on emerging technologies.

‍Compliance and Data Protection

Depending on your field of practice, you may have a slew of compliance concerns. HIPAA, PCI, ethics, and more can cause stress. We help relieve that.

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IT Excellence: A Win-Win for Your Firm and Your Clients

When your legal team has the right tools, it’s a better experience for employees and the clients they work with.

Be a Convenient, Connected Partner for Your Clients
Ensure your clients feel secure when sharing confidential information with you by providing robust data protection measures. Additionally, streamline their experience with efficient client-facing digital applications for collaboration, virtual meetings, document submission, billing, and more.

Save Money
Our team can efficiently track and manage assets to reduce expenses. With our monthly pricing model, we can offer software and devices at a lower cost than if purchased individually. Compared to competitors who charge hourly rates for IT troubleshooting, this significantly reduces expenses.

Boost Team Productivity
Maximize your teams’ billable hours by eliminating disruptions caused by poor connectivity, hardware failures, or outdated applications. Ensure your team operates at peak efficiency, delivering exceptional service to your clients without unnecessary delays.

  • Day-to-Day Troubleshooting

  • Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Hardware Requests and Purchases

  • Why Partner with ECN IT Solutions?

    Legal Industry Expertise – With a decade of experience and partnerships with over 20 legal clients, we understand the unique challenges of the legal sector.

    Robust Security Measures – By implementing tools like encryption, secure data storage, access controls, proactive threat detection and prevention, and more, our security program will ensure you pass any security audit request.

    By implementing tools like encryption, secure data storage, access controls, proactive threat detection and prevention, and more, our security program will ensure you pass any security audit request.

    Responsive Support and Swift Resolution – Time is money, which is why we commit to responding to support tickets within 10 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations.

    Cost-Effective Solutions – Say goodbye to surprise bills; our transparent, fixed monthly pricing includes maintenance and access to discounted top-tier technology solutions.

    Legal Software Support – We ensure smooth operation of your software, implementing secure access controls and providing regular updates and backups.

    Proactive Monitoring and Services – Detect and address potential issues before they disrupt your operations with our proactive monitoring and intervention.

    Business Reviews and Planning – We provide comprehensive budgeting and planning support, ensuring transparency and predictability in your IT expenditure. Let us handle the technicalities, leaving you free to focus on your core legal activities.

    IT Consulting – We analyze your environment to deliver precisely what your firm needs to thrive without burdening you with unnecessary extras.

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