What We Do

Managed IT Services is a big term with a lot of moving parts. To help you understand the value ECN IT Solutions provides to our clients, here is a breakdown of the expertise we provide in our service in non-technical terms.

Help Desk Support

Your employees struggle with unresolved issues due to the lack of a responsive help desk, which can significantly slow down their work or even halt certain tasks altogether. Consider how your team currently seeks assistance. It likely falls into one of these primary categories:

1. They ask a colleague in the office – This is quite common and highlights the importance of having a dedicated IT provider. Employees often try to assist their peers, but this results in two people spending time on a problem that an expert could resolve in minutes. This inefficiency translates to real dollars lost!

2. Deal With It – Many organizations mistakenly believe they are low-maintenance and won’t generate many service tickets. However, when an IT team starts effectively solving their problems, it can feel like floodgates opening. Employees who have been dealing with issues like persistent Outlook problems, difficulty using certain apps, or a desire for multiple computer screens suddenly bring these problems to light. This “illusion” of low maintenance is actually costing your business valuable productive time. Addressing these hidden issues can significantly enhance your team’s efficiency and overall productivity.

3. Service Ticket – At ECN IT Solutions, your team simply submits a service ticket, and our experts immediately get to work to find a long-term resolution. This approach helps clear backlogs, prevents employees from wasting time, and enhances productivity, ultimately saving your business money.


Many businesses believe they are not targets for ransomware or other breaches. However, this is a misconception. Cybercriminals, including nation-states and organized groups, know that small businesses often lack robust cybersecurity measures. They don’t care about your data; they care about your money. When they succeed in locking you out of your data, they know you’ll likely pay to regain access. This is why cyber attacks have been increasing exponentially.

Our approach to cybersecurity is comprehensive, but it’s crucial to understand the reasoning and methods behind our solutions. If you’re interested in a detailed overview of our cybersecurity measures, we offer a resource titled “Executives Guide to Cybersecurity.”

There are 3 primary considerations when creating our cybersecurity best practices:

User Impact 
Hindering user productivity affects your organization’s efficiency. If our services slow you down, your return on investment decreases. While some security measures like Multi-Factor Authentication are essential, most layers of our protection are designed to be seamless and unobtrusive, ensuring minimal impact on the end user.

Does this layer add value to your organization? We avoid redundancy by not implementing multiple layers that serve the same purpose. Our thorough testing ensures that each layer operates effectively.

We cater to small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring that our services are affordable and accessible. While price is a significant consideration, it is only one part of the equation. We strive to provide essential security solutions that fit within our clients’ budgets, so they don’t have to compromise on their security needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

While this service might not be the flashiest, it is absolutely essential. In the event of data loss, whether due to user error, an insider threat, or a hacker attack, your data remains secure.

For those with onsite servers, we provide both onsite and offsite replication. This ensures that we can swiftly restore your server and get it back up and running. Refer to our Service Level Agreement and Disaster Recovery plan for detailed timelines specific to your agreement.

Furthermore, backing up your Microsoft 365 accounts is crucial. Emails can be accidentally deleted, or a SharePoint site could be compromised. A third-party backup solution guarantees that your data is preserved and protected.

Microsoft 365

For many businesses, Microsoft 365 is a cornerstone of productivity. Unfortunately, many IT providers set up email accounts without offering adequate training or support on this essential tool.

At ECN IT Solutions, we are Microsoft 365 specialists dedicated to helping you leverage this powerful suite to its full potential. You’re investing in a top-tier service, so don’t let it go underutilized. We offer rapid support and expert advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your subscription.

Beyond troubleshooting and basic support, we provide comprehensive end-user training through engaging tech tip videos, empowering your team to utilize Microsoft 365 and their computers more effectively.

Additionally, we guide you through the extensive range of applications included in your subscription at no extra cost. Discover more about these valuable tools in our “More than Office Products” E-Book, designed to help your business unlock additional benefits from Microsoft 365.

IT Strategy and Professional Services

Planning a new office? Need to replace old servers? Want an organized and well-labeled IT closet?

As your trusted IT partner, we offer expert consultation on technology projects designed to help your business thrive. Our professional services team creates a customized plan and timeline to transform your current IT environment into your ideal setup.

Examples of our services include:

1. Eliminating the necessity for remote office access by transitioning to a fully cloud-based SharePoint environment.

2. Setting up a modern office with state-of-the-art conference room systems, advanced security cameras, and the latest computers equipped with dual or wide-screen monitors.

3. We assist you in evaluating and choosing the right technology partners for your organization. Attempting this on your own can lead to issues if apps or partners do not integrate well with your existing systems. Our professional services team ensures a smooth evaluation and selection process, reducing headaches and frustration by making the right choice and saving you valuable time.

You take your business seriously and strive for a professional, cutting-edge presence. With our IT services, your technology will match your mission, ensuring your business looks and feels as advanced as it truly is.

Cloud Services

Avoid the Cookie-Cutter Cloud Approach

When it comes to cloud solutions, there’s no one-size-fits-all. If your IT provider is proposing a cloud solution without thoroughly understanding your unique business needs and technology, they are offering a cookie-cutter approach—setting you up for frustration.

Customized Cloud Solutions with ECN IT Solutions

We take the time to sit with you, identify your future growth goals, understand how you prefer to interface with your data, and explore all available options. This personalized approach ensures our clients are satisfied with their move to the cloud, avoiding the pitfalls of a generic solution.

Embrace the Cloud with Confidence

As remote work becomes more prevalent, the shift to cloud-based solutions is inevitable. Your business is likely already using cloud-based applications, reducing the need for an onsite server each year. However, a successful transition to the cloud requires careful planning. Partnering with ECN IT Solutions guarantees that you are in expert hands, ensuring a smooth transition that enhances your organization’s efficiency and performance.

While this overview highlights the core value ECN IT Solutions offers, we provide a wide range of additional services to meet your needs. We can offer a comprehensive list with clear and concise explanations.

Transitioning to a new IT provider can be daunting, but we handle every aspect of the process, coordinating with your previous provider to ensure a seamless, hands-off experience for you.

Maximize the benefits of our expertise and let us support you in achieving your mission.