Outsourced Managed IT Solutions for Tucson, Arizona and Neighboring Counties

ECN IT Solutions delivers comprehensive managed IT solutions for small, mid-sized, and newly established businesses in Tucson.
Location ( 9420 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730 )

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How We’re Helping Local Tucson Business- Owners Thrive

Benefits of Partnering with ECN IT Solutions

Your Goals Guide Us:

We tailor IT solutions to your specific goals and scale with your growth.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing:

Simple, straightforward pricing that fits your budget.

A True IT Partner:

Approachable and always ready to brainstorm and support your needs.

Top-Tier Technology:

We provide cutting-edge software and hardware at reduced costs.

Microsoft Suite Experts:

Streamline your operations with an integrated business platform.

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What Types of Businesses Do We Work Best With?

ECN IT Solutions can collaborate with your internal IT team, develop a program from the ground up, or facilitate a smooth transition from your current provider if you’re looking for a change.

We specialize in serving small to midsize businesses. These clients value our consultative, hands-on, and comprehensive service offerings, which are competitively priced for their needs. Our support is unparalleled, with a help desk response rate of less than 10 minutes.

Additionally, we have extensive experience across various industries. Learn more about our expertise here.

Why do Tucson Businesses Choose ECN IT Solutions?

AKA, what gives us an edge over the competition?

IT and cybersecurity can be complicated. Sometimes, other companies exploit this complexity by overpricing, including extra or unnecessary services. We don’t. We are committed to educating our customers about everything we do and why.

Put simply, we strive to:

Simplify and explain IT concepts so our clients fully understand what they have and how to use it to its full potential

Our services are proactive and predictive – meaning we can deal with issues before they turn critical.

Our pricing is clear and straightforward.

We provide training to ensure your team maximizes the value of our offerings.

We ensure peace of mind with comprehensive data security, backup, and disaster recovery services.

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